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Deepali Gotadke is a leading woman entrepreneur from North Karnataka,India. She is a computer science engineer. Deepali has successfully implemented her business model in e-commerce and web development since 2001.She is India's top ecommerce and digital marketing consultant and has strong expertise in the field of ecommerce.

She heads two firms WebDreams, India and ClickHubli.com. ClickHubli.com is registered with software technology parks of India & WebDreams, India is certified by WEConnect International (2011-2014). She worked as consultant to the United Nations for 3 years ( 2019-2022) and trained 2800 women in the field if e-commerce and digital marketing.

She worked as consultant for the Mekong Institute, an intergovernmental organization owned by the governments of Cambodia, Lao, Myanmar, Vietnam and Thailand (CLMVT). She developed curriculum for E-COMMERCE POLICY AND STRATEGIES FOR SME DEVELOPMENT IN CLMVT COUNTRIES. She worked as a resource person and was actively involved in 5 days modular training for participants from CLMVT region in September 2023.

Deepali has been awarded with various awards,

  • The most prestigious award ‘High-Performing Woman IT Entrepreneur' was awarded by the STPI and Department of IT and BT, Govt of Karnataka in the year 2010.
  • Deepali has been awarded with  the prestigious Rani Chennamma state award ( Cash Award of 25K a certificate and felicitation ) from the women and child development minister at Ravindra Kalakshetra, Bangalore on 8th March 2020.
  • The prestigious " Women Achiever Award 2022” on International Women’s Day, March 8th 2022 by federation of Karnataka chamber of commerce and industries.
  • She has been awarded by the awarded as a "Women achiever of the year" by the GST department , office of the commissioner of central GST and central excise Belgaum which covers 11 districts in Karnataka on 1st July 2022 ( GST day).
  • She was featured in the 1 hour episode of “Namma Bahubali” on TV channel, TV5 Kannada on May 18th 2022
  • She has been awarded awards like Shrama Sadhana, Uttar Uttunga, Pratibha Purskar, Best mother etc.
  • She is working on the one of the prestigious projects of The Commonwealth secretariat for development of e-marketplace for the Gambia, the smallest country in the Africa.

Deepali designed and launched her e-commerce site, Clickhubli.com, in the year 2000, which was the first e-commerce site from North Karnataka. The firm has 8 e-commerce portals like Clickroses.com, giftwithluv.com and a network of florists and bakers across the country through which it delivers gifts and flowers.The delivery network has been spread over 300 cities in India.

With 21 years' experience in Web designing and development, Ms.Deepali Gotadke and her team have so far served more than 20000 customers all over the world in the field of ecommerce and web development.

Some of the clients of her firm are government agencies such as the Hubli Dharwad Municipal Corporation (HDMC), the Hubli Dharwad Police Commissionerate and North-west Karnataka Road Transport Corporation, South west railway, HDUDA etc.

Deepali has also helped the Hubli-Dharwad police in solving a cyber crime case in December 2009. The cybercriminal was using stolen credit cards on e-commerce sites and looting ecommerce companies. She came into the limelight as this was the first cybercrime reported and solved from Hubli. She was part of the IT advisory committee of the Hubli Dharwad Municipal Corporation.

ClickHubli.com  also provides information on Kasuti and delivers saris with Kasuti work. This activity has provided employment to rural kasuti artisans. They have designed more than 3000 designs and also designed logo for Yash Raj films movie, Sui Dhaaga

Deepali was selected by Goldman Sachs and Leeds University , UK as a case study for their education material on entrepreneurship in the year 2018.

Deepali has been selected by US consul general for Global entrepreneurship summit 2017 at IIT Madras

Deepali was speaker at the prestigious international summit : South Asian women development forum in September 2018 at Kathmandu, Nepal.

She has been awarded awards like Shrama Sadhana, Uttar Uttunga, Pratibha Purskar, Best mother etc.


Deepali's passion is to bring more and more women entrepreneurs online. E-commerce has provided her tremendous opportunities and good income, so she wants to train more entrepreneurs with the knowledge of e-commerce. She has worked as a lecturer in the engineering colleges for 2 years and loves teaching. Deepali's mission is to mentor & empower 5000 women with ecommerce and digital marketing training and support them through her portal wesellonline.org. She has successfully trained 3000 plus women with digital marketing and selling online.

Deepali is working as a consultant with the United Nations for ecommerce capacity building for women entrepreneurs in South Asian countries, i.e Nepal, Afghanistan , Bangladesh , India, Pakistan, Maldives, Sri Lanka and Bhutan

Since 2019 she is working with United nation’s Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific and Enhanced integrated Framework, Geneva. They have successfully carried out national inception workshops at Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh. Due to Covid-19 pandemic, now they are conducting online workshops.

The present context of COVID-19 has further worsened the situation for entrepreneurs and has interrupted many existing supply chains. In such a context, e-commerce can provide unprecedented opportunities for women entrepreneurs to overcome those challenges and to explore the global and regional markets. However, to grasp these opportunities, some impediments – both at policy level as well as entrepreneurship need to be addressed. EIF and UNESCAP are jointly organizing this Forum to create awareness on the existing opportunities for promoting business through e-commerce.

Deepali had launched a portal wesellonline.org for woman entrepreneurs in North Karnataka in the year 2015, “WE” stands for Women Entrepreneurs.

Now this portal is funded and operated by the United Nation’s ESCAP and EIF.

This portal provides online platform and a free e-shop for woman entrepreneur to market their products and get enquiries online.

The main page of the UNESCAP portal https://www.unescap.wesellonline.org/ provides links to e-commerce training course. This course is completely free and on completion of the 4 modules of the course, women and men both can obtain a certificate from United Nation’s ESCAP and EIF.

Links to e-commerce portal, e-learning course, e-commerce manual are provided from the above page.

Deepali has completed three inception workshops in Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh as a consultant of United Nations ESCAP. She has trained 3000 women till date.

She conducted 4 online workshops in the year 2020-21. Physical training were conducted on 4th-6th April 2022 at Nepal, 6th-9th June 2022 at Maldives,2nd and 3rd August national training at Bangalore and 6th-8th September 2022 at Dhaka, 1st-3rd November 2022 at Sri Lanka, 23rd-25th November 2022 at Bhutan. These workshops aimed to build the capacity of women entrepreneurs focused on providing hands-on and practical training to educate women on digital marketing, e-commerce, and the usage of social media platforms to promote their businesses.

She was the master trainer for various workshops arranged in tier-2 cities on Karnataka from January 2023-March 2023 by UBUNTU Consortium and UNESCAP, together she trained 800 Plus women in Mysore, Mangalore, Kalaburagi and Bidadi.

Deepali says that as the knowledge of e-commerce and digital marketing is mandatory in present era, women should come forward and signup for this course. There is no fee for creating e-shop or for taking the course.

Deepali and team have developed e-marketplace for the country of the Gambia in August 2022. This project was under Commonwealth Secretariat.

Certificate courses:

Completed certificate course on entrepreneurship at Indian School of business, Hyderabad

Completed Global women leaders, women leaders of the world certificate program at San Francisco

Sports achievements:  1st player of the team which won gold medal in 40 plus women's category at Veterans table tennis nationals at Chandigarh in the year 2015

Player of the team which won Silver medal in 40 plus women's category at Masters table tennis nationals at Indore in the year 2019

Won Mixed doubles Silver medal in 40 plus women's category at Masters table tennis nationals at Indore in the January 2019

Won 2 Gold medals in the team and women's doubles and Mixed doubles Silver medal in 40 plus women's category at Masters table tennis nationals at Indore in December 2019

Inter-National level achievement :  3 Silver medals in Table tennis

Won triple silver medal, in singles, doubles and team event at 40plus women event at South Asian countries veterans table tennis tournament at Colombo, Sri Lanka ( July 2017)

Selected to participate and play Table tennis event in the World Masters Games, Kansai, Japan 2022

Won bronze medal in team event and bronze medal in women’s doubles at Srinagar in August 2022

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Deepali Shital Gotadke

Founder and Business Owner,

Cell: +91 97411 97999 Email : deepali@webdreams.in

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Phone : +91 836 4258918

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